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AMBUSH! Surprise Attack in the Ancient Greek Warfare

Surprise Attack in the Ancient Greek Warfare 
A description of the ancient Greek art of warfare which reveals that the heroic Homeric virtues were not the only means employed on the battlefield. Author Rose Mary Sheldon shows how tricks, deception, - such as the Trojan Horse - espionage, and surprise attacks were all essential parts of the Greek way of war.
There are two images of warfare that dominate Greek history. The better known is that of Achilles, the Homeric hero skilled in face-to-face combat to the death. He is a warrior who is outraged by deception on the battlefield. The alternative model, equally Greek and also taken from Homeric epic, is Odysseus, ‘the man of twists and turns' . To him, winning by stealth, surprise or deceit was acceptable. Greek warfare actually consists of many varieties of fighting. It is common for popular writers to assume that the hoplite phalanx was the only mode of warfare used by the Greeks. The fact is, however, that the use of spies, intelligence gathering, ambush, and surprise attacks at dawn or at night were also a part of Greek warfare, and while not the supreme method of defeating an enemy, such tactics always found their place in warfare when the opportunity or the correct terrain or opportunity presented itself. Ambush dispels both the modern and ancient prejudices against irregular warfare and provides a fresh look at the tactics of the ancient Greeks.


Product Code: 23292
Author: Rose Mary Sheldon
ISBN: 9781848325920
Format: HB, 322 pp Published Price £25
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