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BAYONETES AND SCIMITARS Arms, Armies and Mercenaries 1700-1789

Arms, Armies and Mercenaries 1700-1789 
A wide-ranging and authoritative account of warfare in the 18th century, a period which saw Britain and France battling for world power, and the emergence of Prussia and Russia as major players. With one eye on grand strategy, and another on individual military experience, this book never loses its grip.
The eighteenth century marked a watershed in European history. This was a period of significant economic, political and technological upheaval which led to the American and French revolutions, and paved the way for Europe's domination of the world during the nineteenth century. The wars and political manoeuvring of Frederick the Great and Catherine the Great transformed Prussia and Russia into major players in European politics. France, the richest nation in the West; survived losing successive wars, then bankrupted itself assisting the Americans in an unnecessary war of revenge against Britain. Britain herself became a model of economic and financial efficiency reigning supreme in North America, the Caribbean, and in India, only to face such financial troubles that its leaders antagonized its colonial subjects in America. This engaging new book by esteemed military historian William Urban traces the evolution of war-making throughout this turbulent period Ė the politics, the weaponry, the organisation of armies, and the transformation of mercenaries into professionals. This illuminating and highly readable account concentrates not just on high politics and military strategy, but also on the everyday experiences of those involved, giving us a fascinating glimpse into the human drama of eighteenth-century warfare.


Product Code: 24616
Author: William Urban
ISBN: 9781848327115
Format: HB, 280 pp Published Price £6.99
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