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The story of the SS, built by its leader Himmler into the feared Police and Military elite of the Nazi regime - both terrifyingly efficient and savagely cruel.
Originating as the private bodyguard of Adolf Hitler in the 1920s when he was a small time beerhall agitator, the SS was built up by its ruthlessly ambitious leader Heinrich Himmler into a formidable Police and security apparatus responsible for the Holocaust and most of the terror inflicted by the Nazis. Spawning its own military Divisions, the Waffen SS, the force - incorporating foreign Nazis as well as Germans - was at the same time a fiercely courageous body of ideologically motivated soldiers; and a brutally cruel body of sadistic fanatics capable of inflicting merciless atrocities on innocent civilians. Rupert Butler tells the story of the black uniformed Nazi elite that became the feared core of an evil regime.


Product Code: 20950
Author: Rupert Butler
ISBN: 9780850529685
Format: SB 292 pp Published Price £7.99
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