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Hand Grenades: A Handbook on Rifle and Hand Grenades. 1917

Hand Grenades: A Handbook on Rifle and Hand Grenades. 1917 
Written by a serving officer, this handbook aims to give a complete knowledge of grenades in use during the Great War. Describing the use and effects of grenades in clear terms, the author aims to give the reader a quick grasp of grenades and the tactics involved in their employment.
Chapter subjects include clearing a trench with grenades; trench storming parties; explosives in grenades; fuses and detonators; frontal attacks with grenades; and how to throw them. As well as detailed descriptions and diagram drawings of grenades used by the British, there are descriptions of French and German grenades. This is clearly THE book to own on the use of grenades in WW 1.

Product Code: 10773
Author: Major Graham M. Ainslie
ISBN: 9781847348562
Format: 2008. N & M Press reprint of 1917 original edition. SB. 59pp diagrams throughout.
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Our Price: £6.50  


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