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ILLUSTRATED HANDBOOK OF FLAK German Anti Aircraft Defences 1935-1945, Weapons, Emplacements, Equipments

German Anti Aircraft Defences 1935-1945, Weapons, Emplacements, Equipments 
Quite simply, this is the best reference book in existence on German air defences in the Second World War. With wonderfully detailed illustrations by the author on all aspects of his subject, from the ground artillery to the uniforms and insignia of the air defence services and the bunkers built to shelter civilians, the book is a mine of information, beautifully presented.
During the Second World War, as the Allies sent thousands of aircraft to attack the German homeland, it was the flak anti-aircraft teams that stood as the last line of defence. Forbidden after the end of the First World War, the German flak arm was rebuilt by the Nazis after January 1933, becoming part of the Luftwaffe in 1935, and growing until all branches of the Wehrmacht had their own anti-aircraft capabilities. In The Illustrated Handbook of Flak, Jean-Denis Lepage covers all aspects of German anti-aircraft artillery and the personnel who operated it: its development from the first anti-balloon artillery in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870 to the sophisticated ground-to-air rockets in use by 1945, the administrative, strategical and tactical organisations involved, and the variety of weapons used. It details the uniforms worn by the men and women concerned with air defence – including flags, badges and medals – equipment used such as searchlights, range finders and radar, and mobile flak emplacements and permanent fortifications. The services involved are also described, including the police, fire brigades, paramilitary auxiliaries and the German Red Cross. The big bunker air-raid shelters used to house civilians are also described and illustrated. With over 300 illustrations created by the author, this is an outstanding reference work, providing new insight into the anti-aircraft teams who fought to hold back the overwhelming might of the Allied bombers during the Second World War.


Product Code: 25549
Author: Jean-Denis Lepage
ISBN: 9780752474755
Format: Hardback 286 pages, Illustrated
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