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PRISONERS OF THE BRITISH Internees and Prisoners of War during the First World War

Internees and Prisoners of War during the First World War 
Accounts of Allied PoWs in both World Wars are legion. This fascinating little book shows the other side of the coin, being a concise and comprehensive history of German PoWs and internees in British hands during the First World War. Author Michael Foley traces the story from rudimentary tented camps in France, to permanent camps in Dorchester, Donington Hall and Alexandra Palace. In doing so he asks whether Germans in British captivity were given better treatment than their compatriots gave British prisoners.
War often brings out the worst in those taking part; it also had the same effect on many of the British public and led to widespread violence on the streets A time when neighbours often became seen as the enemy and were treated accordingly Answers the age-old problem of what to do with enemy soldiers taken prisoner during a war German prisoners of war were often better fed than the British public Much of what has been written about the treatment of prisoners of war held by the British suggest that they have often been treated in a more caring and compassionate way than the prisoners of other countries. During the First World War, Germans held in Britain were treated leniently while there were claims of British prisoners being mistreated in Germany. Was the British sense of fair play present in the prison camps and did this sense of respect include the press and public who often called for harsher treatment of Germans in captivity? Were those seen as enemy aliens living in Britain given similar fair treatment? Were they sent to internment camps because they were a threat to the country or for their own protection to save them from the British public intent on inflicting violence on them? Prisoners of the British: Internees and Prisoners of War during the First World War examines the truth of these views while also looking at the number of camps set up in the country and the public and press perception of the men held here.


Product Code: 20572
Author: Michael Foley
ISBN: 9781781554791
Format: HB, 208 pp Published Price £18.99
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