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RISE OF THE TANK Armoured Vehicles and Their Use in the First World War

Armoured Vehicles and Their Use in the First World War  
A complete portrait of the first tanks used in the Great War, this book recounts the idea behind the tank, analyses why so many military men opposed it, portrays the tanks in action and introduces the men who operated them in often horrendous conditions.
The tank played a hugely successful part in the Allied war effort during the First World War. It is a mystery, then, why the development of the weapon took so long and was resisted so fiercely by a number of key men and government departments. The idea of an armoured vehicle was far from new. As early as the fifteenth century Leonardo da Vinci imagined wheeled vehicles equipped with canons. In 1903 H.G. Wells described his version of the tank as armour plated, with internal power and able to cross trenches; characteristics that were remarkably similar to the first tanks that trundled onto the Somme battlefields thirteen years later. In this book author Michael Foley analyses key questions surrounding the tank, including why senior army personnel were so opposed to its development and remained content to continue to send waves of unprotected men into the mouths of German machine guns. We also learn more about Lord Kitchener and his scepticism of the tank, which led to the weapon being developed by the Royal Navy under the keen eye of Winston Churchill. Was Kitchener's death in June 1916 a major component behind the tank finally being used in combat ? Foley explores the enemy reaction to the tank and evaluates why the German high command had little use for it. By the end of the war the Germans had produced only twenty of their own. Did this contribute to an ultimate Allied victory? These and many other questions are answered in Rise of the Tank. Split into four sections that deal with the idea and development, the tank in action and the men who operated them, and illustrated with more than 100 original images, the book will appeal to First World War and military vehicle enthusiasts alike.


Product Code: 25451
Author: Michael Foley
ISBN: 9781783463930
Format: Hardback 256 pages Published Price £19.99
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Retail Price: £19.99
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