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The Complete Full Two Volume Set ULSTER WILL FIGHT Volume 1: Home Rule and the Ulster Volunteer Force 1886-1922 Volume 2: The 36th (Ulster) Division in training and at war 1914-1918

The Complete  Full Two Volume Set
Volume 1: Home Rule and the Ulster Volunteer Force 1886-1922
Volume 2: The 36th (Ulster) Division in training and at war 1914-1918
Complete in two quality dust-jacketed hardback volumes that were recently published at £59.99 We have them in stock and available for same day dispatch at the brilliant price of £25 the pair! David Orr and David Truesdale have written what can only be described as a seminal work in ‘Ulster Will Fight' Volumes 1 and 2. For anybody interested in the history of Ireland and the Great War and the politics and events that interweave with the creation of Northern Ireland and the then Irish Free State then Volume 1 is the source. This unbiased, historically accurate account of the events draws on innumerable sources, publishes previously unpublished photographs and prints so many vignettes to make what could have been a dry historical record into an immensely readable and enjoyable book. Volume 2 "I am not an Ulsterman but yesterday, the 1st. July, as I followed their amazing attack, I felt that I would rather be an Ulsterman than anything else in the world." (Cpt Wilfred Spender, 2 July 1916. The 36th (Ulster) Division, was very much a ‘people's Divisions'. In an era of ‘Pals Battalions' and other unique, previously untried recruiting appeals, it fought with unparalleled bravery and will be remembered for its actions on the first day on the Somme. While dealing with this battle the same meticulous attention has been paid to the forming up period, the move to England and subsequent battles in France and Belgium. This is the definitive history of the 36th Division,Orr and Truesdale have produced a work that cannot be surpassed, and is a true magnum opus
ULSTER WILL FIGHT Volume 1: Home Rule and the Ulster Volunteer Force 1886-1922 Hardback 424 pages with B&W photographs & illustrations. The various attempts at Home Rule for Ireland ultimately culminated in the Third Home Rule Bill which directly contributed to the creation of the Ulster Volunteer Force. The UVF spanned not just the geographic rural and urban Protestant Ulster from the Atlantic coast of Donegal to the shipyards of east Belfast but also the diverse political ideals of individuals. By the outbreak of the Great War it had become an organization of armed volunteers, the first to use motorcycle dispatch riders and motor transport on a large scale and the first to use armoured lorries in street patrols. It was also one of the first in the twentieth century to recognise the varied role for women in warfare against a backdrop of a rise in women's suffrage in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The importance, role and significance of the existence of the UVF are well summed up in Sir Winston Churchill s book, Great Contemporaries, that if Ulster had confined herself simply to constitutional agitation, it is extremely improbable that she would have escaped forcible inclusion in a Dublin Parliament. This book tells both the story of the Home Rule period and the Ulster Volunteer Force formed in response to the Home Rule crises. An important period in Irish politics and history this book draws on a number of firsthand accounts, contemporary newspaper reports, UVF papers and records from the Somme Museum. It is illustrated by a number of images never before published. ULSTER WILL FIGHT Volume 2: The 36th (Ulster) Division in training and at war 1914-1918 Hardback 504 pages with B&W photographs & illustrations. Despite what has been written in many books and magazine articles, the Ulster Division was not formed overnight by an en bloc enlistment from the Ulster Volunteer Force and Young Citizen Volunteers, nor were the YCV the youth wing of the UVF, as some believe. Despite the surge of patriotic enlistment's on the outbreak of war, by December 1914 there was still a shortfall of 1,697 men, the majority of these shortages being in the divisional troops, not the infantry brigades. It was proving difficult to fill the ranks of the Royal Army Medical Corps, Army Service Corps, Cyclist Company and Royal Engineers, in fact any unit that required a degree of mechanical skill, however small. Despite these initial difficulties the Division sailed for France in October 1915 and by the following June had gained ample experience in trench life. However it was 1 July 1916, that would change the Division from naive volunteers into battle hardened warriors and ensure their undying fame. This study follows the division from its creation through to disbandment, drawing extensively on unpublished materials, official documents and newspapers. In doing so it provides an up-to-date picture of this famous and important formation. Overseas clients please note: Due to excessively high wrapped weight shipping is weighted on this offer.


Product Code: 25521
Author: David R. Orr & David Truesdale
Format: Hardback 424 pages with B&W photographs & illustrations.&Hardback 504 pages with B&W photographs & illustrations
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Retail Price: £59.99
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